Living room
About the Public Living Room
The public living room is exactly that, a warm and cosy living room that is open to the public.  
We invite anyone and everyone who would like to call in for a chat and a cuppa. Usually a snack too.
We look forward to meeting lots of new friends of all shapes and sizes, mum's/dad's and babies who could do with an hour out from the four walls. More mature members of Cwmbran who would like an hour out from the four walls.
Name it and you are welcome, come and sit in the warm with a book if you choose.
Please don't be shy we are a very nice group of people. It's just a warm room where you can sit quietly and have a cuppa, no one will bother you.
Also in the warm room we have things to do should you like to join in, card games, board games and a bookcase full of good books.  Please, come one come all, old and young to spend time in a warm room with nice people who will know your name and be really glad you're there.